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2021-2022 School Year Bus Transportation Forms

All eligible new and current students who meet the ridership eligibility will need to complete a Bus Form (annually)

Apply for all students in the same household on the one form

Parents can choose to fill out the form and mail it in (with their payment if required) OR sign up & pay online

If paying online; please scroll down to follow the link

$25 Late Fee applies after the August 2 deadline

Application Deadline: August 2, 2021

How To Apply if you are NOT Paying online: (because you don’t need to pay a fee or to pay by check/money order)

  • Download the bus form : Fill it out, Print, Mail it to:

  • Northampton Schools; Transportation, 212 Main St, Room 200, Northampton, MA 01060

How To Apply if you are applying and paying online:

1. Online Payments are processed by UniPay for the City of Northampton’s School Dept. Using their service does incur service fees paid to UniPay Gold.

2. When you use the online option, the Bus Pass Form is submitted automatically. You will not need to fill out a paper form.

3. To pay BUS PASS FEES:



Ridership Eligibility (All Riders must fill out application)

  • NO FEE for students in Grades K-6 who live 2.0 or more miles from their assigned school
  • PAY FEE* for students in Grades K-6 who live 1.5-1.99 miles from their assigned school
  • PAY FEE* for students in Grades 7-12 who live 1.5 miles or more from their assigned school
  • *FEE is WAIVED for any student who qualifies for Free & Reduced Price Meals Program & when a Sharing of Information Form has been signed
  • All CDC safety guidelines will be followed – masks will be required for drivers and students – bus windows will be open- please dress accordingly

Important Notes:

  • Bus Transportation is ‘home to school’ and ‘school to home’. The district does not provide transportation to and from afterschool programs.
  • Students must ride on their own bus and are not allowed to ride another bus for the purpose of afterschool play time
  • Students are expected to follow all school rules while riding the bus and may be in assigned seats
  • Kindergarten students will ride directly behind the driver
  • ALL Students who wish to access Bus Transportation must fill out the annual Bus Form. Parents can include all students on one form and combine the payment for more than one student.
  • All students who will be riding the bus will be issued a Bus Pass that needs to be shown to the driver. Bus Passes with information letter (pick-up time and location) will be mailed the week before school. Students will need to walk to their bus stop (not door to door).



Grades K-5 and lives 1.5 to 1.99 miles from their assigned school, there is a fee of $230.00 a year or $77.00 per trimester

Grades 6-12 and lives 1.5 or more miles from their assigned school, there is a fee of $309.00 or $103.00 per trimester



    • Grades K-5 Pay Discounted Price of $207
    • Grades 6-12 Pay Discounted Price of $278


  • $25 LATE FEE – All applications must be received before this date or late fee will apply
  • If your status is Free or Reduced this form needs to be completed, late fee will still apply if after the deadline
  • Applications will be processed in the order they were received
  • Please note that some buses do fill to capacity. Therefore, seating will not be guaranteed and students may be put on a waiting list

School Bus Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Image result for school bus safety
School Buses Yellow school buses have flashing red lights and stop signs that fold out from the driver’s side. School pupil transport vehicles, like vans, station wagons, or family sedans, have flashing red lights and SCHOOL BUS signs on top. 
Drivers use these warning signals when letting pupils on and off. If a school bus or a school pupil transport vehicle has its lights flashing and a stop sign extended, you must stop. It is the law. It does not matter which side of the road you are traveling on. Remain stopped until the lights stop flashing or the stop sign folds backA first violation of this law can cause a license suspension and a $250 fine. Even after the warning signals have stopped, you should proceed slowly and continue to look for children. The only exception to this law is if a school bus has stopped on the other side of a divided highway with a barrier between travel directions. In this case, you do not have to stop.