Mandated Trainings

Welcome to Northampton Public Schools!

With the guidance and leadership of a dedicated and talented staff of teachers and administrators, working in a community that supports and values education, the Northampton Public Schools have a history of providing high quality, comprehensive educational services from early childhood to twelfth grade. Our staff is invested in continually improving their instructional practice, in ensuring that all our students meet state educational standards, and in collaborating with families and administrators so that all children succeed.

District Improvement Plan can be found HERE.

We appreciate your commitment to our students and hope that the following trainings help you adhere to the law, policies, procedures and values of our school district.

Please view the following PowerPoints below by Sept. 29th.

After reviewing the materials, be sure to fill out the Google Form HERE.

Mandated PowerPoints (click the topic you need to review): YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN WITH YOUR @NORTHAMPTON EMAIL TO ACCESS.



Life Threatening Allergies 

English Language Learners

Workmans Comp or Work Related Injuries

Social Media Policy

Building Security Procedures Staff


required for Nurses & Coaches:

Optional PowerPoints:

Family and Student Engagement & Fundamentals Tool Training 

Anxiety & Learning



Additional Life Threatening Allergies


School Nursing Skills Trainings

ESP Skills Training

Additional Mandated Reporting Training

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