JFK Middle School

Suggested School Supplies
Grade 6
 Pack of pencils
 Pack of colored pencils
 Personal hand held sharpener
 One 1-2 subject notebook
Grade 7
 binders
 colored pencils
 pencils
 sharpeners
 highlighters
 folders
 notebooks or lined paper
Grade 8
 colored pencils
 markers
 pencils/pens/erasers (lead too if using mechanical pencils)
 Fine line – sharpie markers
 two spiral notebook (one civics and one for math )(or a binder to keep
*Students may receive a more detailed supply list from their individual
teachers when school starts. *

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

JFK Mural imageOur middle school is dedicated to fostering high academic achievement and equal access to education in a positive learning environment. Organized on the middle school model, it focuses on the needs and characteristics of young adolescents. An instructional team system is used to provide a smaller learning environment for students, support the practice of interdisciplinary instruction, and build community within and outside of our building. An advisory program brings together students and adults three days a week in small groups, building peer and mentor relationships. A wonderful after-school program provides students with enrichment and academic support. The middle school community is proud of the work of the student Civil Rights Team, Students of Color Alliance, and Gay Straight Alliance. Our dedicated, student-focused, and creative teachers and staff are at the center of our commitment to the success of our students.

Parent/Guardian Newsletter from Principal Marien

Principal Marien’s weekly parent/guardian newsletter – December 15


Important Dates

12/21/23 – 01/01/24  – Winter Break

01/03/24 – Session 3 of the After-School program starts

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Caregivers Guide to Aspen

Aspen for guardians logoAre you a guardian trying to navigate your way through Aspen, our School Information System? Here is the link to Aspen for JFK Guardians.

For all Caregiver Resources to Northampton Public Schools, click on the hyperlink.

JFK Morning Announcements Link is up and running!

Please check out this link for our daily announcements. A special thanks to all students involved, as well as Mr. Crescitelli for coordinating these announcements.

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