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The JFK Yearbook – 2021

The JFK Yearbook is a hardcover 56 page full color memory book that can be ordered using this link: https://fms.fluidmedia.cloud/communities/3177/commons
The cost of the book is $20 and the last day to order is May 21st!

Weekly Caregiver Update – April 29, 2021

Hello All!!!

Let me start by saying I think we had a pretty awesome first day of school!  There were some hiccups but I saw lots of smiles and laughter today.  It was so worth everything that has gone into the last several weeks building up to today!  Please read the information below.  It will answer many of your questions.  We will continue to tighten areas/routines that need tightening and loosen areas/routines that need loosening.  But, overall, today was a good day!


We have been trying to respond to schedule concerns and questions for the past three days.  There have been a lot.  Many moves were made and many requests for movement between in person and remote were requested.  We are extremely limited with any flexibility.  I know we have tried to be very flexible all year and accommodate as many requests as possible.  Still, we find ourselves with some difficult scheduling situations.  Below I will address the main situations presenting themselves in your emails and calls to us.

Repeating Enrichment/Exploratory Classes

Because students are required to stay in Pods (same grouping of students) for contact tracing purposes, the entire Pod has to have the same classes.  Unfortunately this means some students are taking an exploratory/enrichment they have already taken. The only way around this was to schedule students by Enrichment, which does not account for all the services students receive in all their classes OR have the entire school break their Pod daily which would defeat the purpose of podding and make contact tracing virtually impossible.  In that scenario, one person with a positive Covid result could shut down an entire grade level of in-person learning for 2 weeks.  We recognize this means some students are not taking an exploratory/enrichment class that they were looking forward to.  I apologize for that.

Remote World Language/Band/Chorus

As you know, World Language, Band and Chorus have been taught remotely all year long.  This was the case whether students were remote or in person.  With our 4/28 change teachers are not allowed to teach remote and in person students simultaneously.  This means the number of World Language, Band and Chorus classes literally doubled (each section now requires a remote version and an in-person version).  We attempted to consolidate the best we could.  However, we still found ourselves with additional sections.  And, since we can only have 25 students in a remote class, we couldn’t overload the class with students.  In order to still provide those students with access to these classes and curriculum we created World Language, Band and Chorus study halls for those students.  The students will receive live instruction during Flex periods and will complete their assignments and practice during those specific study halls.  It is not ideal, but it prevents removing the students from the learning.

Change Requests

We are still receiving requests from families asking to change the learning model.  We are not able to process any changes right now.  I am not sure we will be able to accommodate at all.  There are so many moving pieces.  Your request will be noted and we will check to see if it is possible, but I can not promise anything.

Thank you and have a great evening.


¡¡Hola a todos!!!

¡Permítanme comenzar diciendo que creo que tuvimos un primer día de clases increíble! Hubo algunos contratiempos, pero hoy vi muchas sonrisas y risas. ¡Valió la pena todo lo que se ha invertido en las últimas semanas hasta hoy! Por favor, lea la información de más abajo. Responderá muchas de sus preguntas. Continuaremos ajustando las áreas / rutinas que necesitan ajustarse y aflojando las áreas / rutinas que necesitan aflojarse. Pero, en general, ¡hoy ha sido un buen día!


Hemos estado tratando de responder a las inquietudes y preguntas sobre la programación durante los últimos tres días. Ha habido mucho. Se hicieron muchos movimientos y se solicitaron muchas solicitudes de movimiento entre en persona y a distancia. Estamos extremadamente limitados con cualquier flexibilidad. Sé que hemos intentado ser muy flexibles durante todo el año y dar cabida a la mayor cantidad de solicitudes posibles. Aún así, nos encontramos con algunas situaciones difíciles de programación. A continuación, abordaré las principales situaciones que se presentan en sus correos electrónicos y llamadas.

Clases repetidas de enriquecimiento / exploración

Debido a que los estudiantes deben permanecer en Pods (el mismo grupo de estudiantes) para fines de seguimiento de contactos, todo el Pod debe tener las mismas clases. Desafortunadamente, esto significa que algunos estudiantes están tomando un enriquecimiento exploratorio que ya han tomado. La única forma de evitar esto fue programar a los estudiantes por Enriquecimiento, que no tiene en cuenta todos los servicios que los estudiantes reciben en todas sus clases O hacer que toda la escuela rompa su Pod a diario, lo que anularía el propósito de la agrupación y haría prácticamente imposible el rastreo de contactos. En ese escenario, una persona con un resultado Covid positivo podría cerrar un nivel de grado completo de aprendizaje en persona durante 2 semanas. Reconocemos que esto significa que algunos estudiantes no están tomando una clase exploratoria que esperaban con ansias. Me disculpo por eso.

Idioma del mundo remoto / Banda / Coro

Como saben, los idiomas del mundo, la banda y el coro se han enseñado de forma remota durante todo el año. Este era el caso tanto si los estudiantes estaban a distancia como si estaban en persona. Con nuestro cambio de 4/28, los maestros no pueden enseñar a estudiantes remotos y en persona simultáneamente. Esto significa que el número de clases de idiomas del mundo, banda y coro literalmente se duplicó (cada sección ahora requiere una versión remota y una versión en persona). Intentamos consolidarnos lo mejor que pudimos. Sin embargo, todavía nos encontramos con secciones adicionales. Y, dado que solo podemos tener 25 estudiantes en una clase remota, no pudimos sobrecargar la clase con estudiantes. Con el fin de seguir proporcionando a esos estudiantes acceso a estas clases y currículo, creamos salas de estudio de Idiomas del Mundo, Banda y Coro para esos estudiantes. Los estudiantes recibirán instrucción en vivo durante los períodos Flex y completarán sus asignaciones y practicarán durante esas salas de estudio específicas. No es ideal, pero evita sacar a los alumnos de las clases.

Solicitudes de cambio

Seguimos recibiendo solicitudes de familias que piden cambiar el modelo de aprendizaje. No podemos procesar ningún cambio en este momento. No estoy seguro de que podamos acomodarnos en absoluto. Hay tantas piezas en movimiento. Se anotará su solicitud y comprobaremos si es posible, pero no puedo prometer nada.


Dez Caldwell

Important Dates

April 13-15 School Picture Days
April 13 – End of the third marking period
April 14 – Caregiver Town Hall 6-7pm (more info soon)
April 19-23 Spring Vacation
April 28 – In-person Students Return!
May 10-14 Husky Spirit Week

Is your chromebook in need of repair?

This Thursday, April 2, Jim Bates from the IT Department will be at 42 Gothic St Northampton MA to do chromebook repairs. If you have a student who needs this, please share that information with the student.
The student must bring his/her chromebook AND charger. He/She should email jbates@northampton-k12.us to coordinate a time so that the door can be opened and the student can place it in the lobby and get a temporary chromebook on loan.
We may have a “repair form” available to fill out as well.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

JFK Mural imageOur middle school is dedicated to fostering high academic achievement and equal access to education in a positive learning environment. Organized on the middle school model, it focuses on the needs and characteristics of young adolescents. An instructional team system is used to provide a smaller learning environment for students, support the practice of interdisciplinary instruction, and build community within and outside of our building. An advisory program brings together students and adults three days a week in small groups, building peer and mentor relationships. A wonderful after-school program provides students with enrichment and academic support. The middle school community is proud of the work of the student Civil Rights Team, Students of Color Alliance, and Gay Straight Alliance. Our dedicated, student-focused, and creative teachers and staff are at the center of our commitment to the success of our students.
REAL (Racial Equity and Learning)
hopes to connect with you this school year!
The overarching goals of REAL are to promote learning and dialogue within the Northampton public school community about the origins and functioning of systemic racism; inte
grate anti-racist perspectives into district culture, curriculum, and district and school activities; and build the knowledge and self-reflection required to work together to interrupt and dismantle racism in our society and our schools and to teach our children how to do this alongside us now and in the future.
Participation is flexible: some members have not been to a meeting, while others are regular attendees.  Our first meeting is this Sunday, October 6, 5:00-6:30 – please join us!  All are always welcome, including children.
Our website provides more informationhttps://realnorthampton.com/
Please contact one of the school reps, if you are interested in joining our list serve, coming to a meeting, or learning more about REAL: 
Bridge Street Elementary School— Annie Salsichsalsichannie@gmail.com
Jackson Street Elementary School— Jenny Benderjenny.bender@comcast.net
Leeds Elementary School— Kristen Eldeelde.kristen@gmail.com
RK Finn Ryan Road School— Lindsay Koshgarianlkoshgarian@gmail.com
JFK Middle School— Noel Raleynoelraley@yahoo.com
Northampton High School— Jen Berneche, jenberneche@gmail.com