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We are excited to announce the district’s launch of TalkingPoints, a two way communication platform for educators to use with students’ families including our multilingual families.

TalkingPoints is an easy to access messaging app with translations in over 100 languages. Educators can use TalkingPoints on their desktop or mobile device and it is free to families with no sign up or download required. Families will receive text messages instantaneously via SMS in their home language that has been pre-selected with the remarkable help of the tech department. Educators can feel confident in communicating effectively with all of their students’ families and can see their class lists with their student’s contact information. 

TalkingPoints makes all families feel welcome by supporting messages, photos, videos, and documents of daily classroom activities to promote positive learning experiences. Educators can take polls to gain valuable information about event dates, conference times or meetings and much more.

At this point, we are validating the data uploaded from Aspen and will be making an announcement about next steps by midweek next week–this will include some training times and other updates. As we continue to roll out the use of TalkingPoints throughout the district here is some helpful information to get you started.