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The Northampton School Department will accept literature for distribution through the schools according to the following guidelines:

All Flyers must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools. Upon approval, the Superintendent’s Office will notify the schools of the approved flyer. Please send your flyers in both English and Spanish to Michele Jarvis, or FAX them to (413) 587-1318. Questions may also be directed by telephone (413) 587-1331.

Sponsoring agencies must be community, non-profit organizations and the activities themselves must be of educational value.

  1. Any fees charged must be nominal or arrangements made for scholarships.
  2. All literature must be translated into Spanish for the back of the Flyer by the sponsoring agency. Lengthy documents may be summarized in a cover letter in Spanish at the discretion of the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  3. Literature must be collated (into packs of 15 or 25) and distributed to schools by the sponsoring agency.
  4. An outside group’s literature should not be distributed to students during instructional time and, if possible, should not be intermingled with official school notices.
  5. Non-school literature will only be distributed on one designated day per week. Students should not be compelled to take home or read any such literature.
  6. All literature must clearly state:  “The Northampton Public Schools does not endorse, supervise or participate in the organization distributing this literature”.

Flyer Distribution Count

Bridge Street
11 packs of 25
Total: 275

Jackson Street
12 packs of 25
Total: 300

12 packs of 25
Total: 300

RK Finn Ryan Road
10 packs of 25
Total: 250

JFK Middle
40 packs of 15
Total: 600

Northampton High (hung on announcement board)