High School Curriculum

These curriculum guides created by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provide information about what your student will know and be able to do before, during, and after each year of school. There are versions written in English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese languages.

Grades 9-12  Curriculum Maps

We are pleased to share our district curriculum for each grade level and subject area through our curriculum maps. A curriculum map is a tool for organizing expectations for what students should know and be able to do in each subject, each year. While we hope that you will regard these maps as valuable for understanding what our students are learning, they are outlines and do not capture the rich, multi-dimensional curricula we teach daily in our classrooms. To access course curriculum maps, you will need to visit our ATLAS page HERE

Questions about NPS 9-12 Curriculum?

Should you have questions re: the grade level subject curriculum and/or would like a copy of a syllabus for a course your student is enrolled in, please be sure to contact the appropriate educator(s) who may assist you:

  1. Course teacher
  2. Subject area Department Chair 
  3. Associate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction- Meghan Harrison (mharrison@northampton-k12.us)

High School Department Chairs

Arts: L. Martindell (lmartindell@northampton-k12.us)

English: J. Selfridge (jselfridge@northampton-k12.us)

ELE: S. Sullivan (ssullivan@northampton-k12.us)

Math: A. Schardl  (aschardl@northampton-k12.us)

PE/Wellness: L. Mollison (lmollison@northampton-k12.us)

School Counseling: K. Hidalgo (khidalgo@northampton-k12.us)

Science: D. Moylan (dmoylan@northampton-k12.us

Social Studies/History: K. Fontaine (kfontaine@northampton-k12.us)

Special Education: E. Skelley (eskelley@northampton-k12.us)

Technology: K. Lucy (klucy@northampton-k12.us)

World Language: J. Lawrence (jlawrence@northampton-k12.us)