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Welcome to our Kindergarten Information Page

Registration 2022 

It is important to enroll your student from February 28-March 11, 2022 so that we can plan for the right number of classes and guarantee a space is available for all of our students.

  • Children who turn 5-years old by August 31, 2022 can enroll.
  • Children will be enrolled into the assigned school no matter which session you attend
  • Sessions are Drop-In and appointments are not necessary:  Please be patient if it is busy when you arrive
  • If you cannot make any of these events, additional timeslots will be available on a limited basis. Review Registrar’s Calendar
  • Families moving in this spring and summer will enroll over the summer months

Questions? Call Jennifer at (413) 587-1328 or email:

Registration Dates Times & Locations:

Date: February 28, 2022   Location: Jackson Street School, 120 Jackson Street, Northampton (413) 587-1510 Drop-In Times: 2:30- 5:30

Date: March 02, 2022  Location: Leeds Elementary School, 20 Florence St, Leeds (413) 587-1530 Drop-In Times: 2:30- 5:30

Date: March 8, 2022  Location: RK Finn Ryan Road Elementary School, 489 Ryan Road, Florence (413) 587-1550 Drop-In Times: 2:30- 5:30

Date: March 10, 2022  Location: Bridge Street Elementary School, 2 Parsons St, Northampton (413) 587-1460 Drop-In Times: 2:30- 5:30

What to Bring to the Registration Session:

  • Masks are required for parents and students while visiting the school
  • Fill out the Forms Packet: download below or call to request a packet – Please print SINGLE SIDED
  • Child’s Birth Certificate A certified copy from City Clerk’s Office (not the hospital record)
  • Health records (within one year) Mass School Health Record Form and immunization record
  • Proof of residency: ONE of the following: mortgage statement, property deed, City Property Tax Bill, City Excise Tax Bill, City Water & Sewer Bill, Signed lease, Section 8 Agreement
  • Proof of occupancy: recent utility bill for gas, oil, electric, home phone (not cell) or cable bill. Accepted alternatives: USPS Change of Address confirmation, paystub, bank statement, car registration or insurance bill, any correspondence from a government agency
  • Photo ID of parent: preferably a MA Driver’s License or ID that shows your current address, passports accepted if you do not have a driver’s license
  • If Applicable: Any court documents that name your child for example custody, name change, adoption if not final, etc

If you are unable to acquire any of these items due to your circumstances, please contact the Registrar for additional support and assistance

Plan for approx, 30 minutes to complete the process as staff will be reviewing your paperwork and making copies etc.

School Principals and Office Staff will be available to answer your questions

This is a fillable pdf file – please follow these instructions to use the form:

  • Click on the button and download (not open) the file Download icon - Download on Iconfinder on Iconfinder
  • Find the file on your computer to the location where you downloaded it, then ‘open’
  • You will see the blue highlight areas where you can type in the information and tab from one section to another.
  • When complete please ‘SAVE AS’ (not save) and rename the file as your student’s name (or something to identify the file)
  • Once saved, you can print the file or email it to the registrar. Please print single-sided

A Few additional important notes:

  • ALL Pages must be filled out completely including the health history form and the home language form
  • Please print SINGLE-SIDES
  • For the Home Language Form – please use the ‘first date enrolled’ as 9/1/2022 or leave blank
  • If you are unable to apply an electronic signature, just leave blank and you can sign those sections once the documents are printed
  • Dental Forms – if you cannot get this signed by the Dentist, please fill in the information and note the last/next check-up date
  • If your child has not yet had their 5-year checkup, please provide the 4-year check up summary (and you can send us the update before school starts)

Kindergarten Information Meetings:

Information meetings have taken place. The presentations are available to view below as well as the answers to questions asked during the event. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view our kindergarten videos. They will give you a wonderful opportunity to see students in our kindergarten program.

Question & Answer Document: Parents questions asked at our presentation and the answers to those questions!

Below are the slideshows for the December 1, 2021 kindergarten informational presentation. We hope you find this overview helpful. Parents are encouraged to attend the January 20, 2022 repeated event if they missed the first one.

All About Kindergarten

Children Sitting in Class

Kindergarten is a critical year for all children—a year of transition from preschool programs or home to formal schooling. Most children arrive in kindergarten filled with curiosity, wonder, and an enthusiasm to learn about themselves, others, and the world. We see our role and responsibility as nourishing this hunger for knowledge, motivating and challenging the children, while protecting and nurturing them.

The process of learning for children at this age is as important as performance and products. When children see themselves as competent learners, they tackle challenges with confidence, and develop attitudes and dispositions that encourage their curiosity and eagerness to learn. And, as research and common sense tells us, these skills and attitudes lay a solid foundation for future academic success.

In addition to inviting children to learn and grow, we want to invite families to partner with our schools. Parents are truly their child’s first and most important teachers and we encourage your involvement in your child’s education and school!

Northampton’s kindergarten curriculum is integrated across learning domains, always keeping the development of the whole child at its core. Children learn to take risks and solve problems, develop relationships, explore new concepts, acquire academic skills and knowledge, and enhance their physical, social, and emotional competence.

To accomplish these tasks, they need sufficient time to become involved in projects and investigations to satisfy their own interests. Therefore, our kindergarten day offers a balance of child-initiated and teacher-selected activities to enhance learning.

Children benefit from our rich, multi-sensory learning environments that support different learning styles and kinds of intelligence. They are able to acquire symbolic thought as they represent their ideas and knowledge through drawing, painting, block constructions, dramatic play, speaking, and writing.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

Starting kindergarten is a milestone in your child’s life.  Is your child curious about what it will be like?

Eager to find out? Maybe a little nervous? Do you have questions about how to help your child with the transition?

The Collaborative for Educational Services has put together a booklet with information, tips, picture book recommendations and activities for you and your child to do together to help make the transition to kindergarten a positive experience.

There are many simple things you can do to help prepare your child, and you’re probably already doing a lot of them. Having conversations with your child, writing shopping lists, counting out apples at the grocery store, reading together every day, having play dates and encouraging exploration will help lay the foundation for a lifelong successful school experience.

Please check out our awesome kindergarten videos!