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The Northampton Public Schools are a Google Apps for Education school. Students experience working with chromebooks primarily in the classroom and have access to both PC and Apple computer labs in the schools. Students are introduced to a number of different computing topics and materials throughout all 12 grades. To see what each level offers, click on the level below to read more about the student experiences.


At NHS students are able to take classes that are specifically designed around technology.

Students can engage in an IT Innovation Pathway track where they can take courses on IT Management, CISCO, Computer Programming and internship opportunities in the field of IT.

Within the arts, students can take a Music Technology and Sound Recording course where they learn how to record and edit music. Students learn how to edit videos to make a short movies in Filmmaking. Students can enroll in Video Communications and Communications & Media Production for continued work on film production. Students get exposed to the Mac operating system and Adobe Creative Suite through the video and photography classes. Within the art department, students get the beginning foundations of graphic design on Apple computers as well.

Computer Science courses are offered where students can learn a variety of programming languages as well as how to design a mobile app. Students can take an Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence too.



photo of petri dishes and chromebookIn middle school, students engage in the Project Lead the Way Curriculum where they are exposed to the fundamentals of engineering & design thinking. They learn about automation and robotics. Students have an exploratory block of computers in each of their three years at JFK. In these courses they explore concepts such as digital citizenship, copyright, G-Suite tools, web design, app creation and many additional topics. As a school where students are individually assigned chromebooks, students are engaged in a number of technology-based projects in their general education courses as well. Students can be seen in the picture on the left using chromebooks to collect data from pond samples in science class.

In addition to these programs, students can enroll in a Global STEM program where they research and work to create change in the community and larger world around topics of science that impact more than just the Northampton community. They have had the opportunity to pair with students in England to work on collaborative projects. Recently, they launched a drifter boat that is collecting GPS and various temperature readings as it works its way through the gulf stream.

Students have access to Windows, Mac and iPads in addition to their chromebooks.


podcasting spotStudents in the elementary school utilize Clever Badges to begin their exploration of chromebooks and their Northampton accounts. These badges allow students to access a variety of programs the district has available to them such as Lexia, Math Investigations, teacher websites, Google Read&Write etc. Students get early exposure to robotics through BeeBots, Lego Robotics and Ozobots. They engage in a week long Robotics week where they use these robots to understand concepts such as the cycles of the moon, ways to prevent erosion and flooding and predator prey relationships. Each school has a makerspace area designated for exploration of the engineer and design thinking we foster in the district. Students ca


n come and work with the various supplies available to design creative solutions to problems such as how to design a structure for the 3 Little Pigs able to withstand the “blowing” of the wolf. They learn how to draft multiple solutions and revise after testing their prototypes.  In the makerspaces, there are opportunities for students to explore the Mac platform with Podcasting. Many students collaborate to make podcasts on topics they are studying such as what it might be like as an

piper kits

immigrant coming over the the US in the early industrial period. Students can also use the green screens set up in these spaces to create short videos on topics they have studied in class. Starting in grade 3, students construct a computer using Piper kits and work in teams to build then code to solve problems with a Raspberry Pi.

Students access ipads, Windows, Apple, and chromebook computers.

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