Innovation Pathways (NHS Program)

Innovation Pathways (NHS Program)

Student fixing machineIn 2018 Northampton High School was recognized as one of the first schools to have an approved Innovation Pathway by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This came in the form of a grant to continue developing a unique program for students in 9th-12th grades at NHS to study Information Technology while taking traditional high school courses. Within the program they have the chance to have internships with the district’s IT Department, the City of Northampton and a number of local businesses. Students take three college courses through Greenfield Community College in topics such as Web Design, Networking and Intro to Programming. Students also receive college credit for the work they do with a semester-long internship supporting the students and staff during the academic year. In addition to coursework and internships, students in the IT Pathways program are trained in professional skills such as resume building and interviewing. In student’s senior year they work with Tech Foundry to be trained in advanced topics as directed by the local business community needs and they complete their program by earning micro-credentials.  By the conclusion of the program students can receive between 9-12 college credits and have three internship experiences, a professional portfolio website and micro-credentials or badges that are recognized by the business community.

Due to the nature of the coursework and experiences, students are offered the opportunity to join their Freshmen and Sophomore years of high school. This program has no additional costs associated with it & transportation is provided. It is a four year program. Students will be coached through the program with the support of the Digital Literacy & Computer Science Coordinator (DLCSC), the school IT department, the IT Innovation Coordinator, the guidance faculty and supports from Greenfield Community college and employers. Interested students can fill out the Google Form HERE, speak to their guidance counselors or speak with/email the Innovation Pathways Coordinator, Meshia Begin

To view a schedule across four years, click THIS LINK.

Caregiver Info Session:

April 7th at 6:30PM – passcode: 2021

April 14th at 6PM passcode: 2021

December’s Newsletter

Tech Management Spring Students (There is still room if you want to sign up. Invite your non-IT Pathways friends too!)


While there are no prerequisites to join the program besides being a Freshmen or Sophomore at NHS, the following are the requirements for graduating in the program:

List of what a participant needs to complete pathway for graduation: 

  • 2 Tech Courses (1 NHS list, Tech Management CISCO IT Essentials)
  • 2 College Level Classes (Options for this include PLTW, AP or GCC classes)
  • Internships & Senior Capstone

NHS Courses (choose 1)


Cisco Introduction to Networks

PLTW Computer Science Essentials 

PLTW Computer Science A

PLTW Cybersecurity

Web Design & Programming


Internships (All 3 Required)

IT Support  Internship (Summer)

Industry Internships (Summer) 

Tech Management CISCO IT Essentials 

*Businesses can learn more about these partnerships by viewing the internship page HERE.

GCC Courses

CIS 295 Internship Credit

CIS 150 Programming Principles & Concepts

CIS 151 Web Design or CIS 180 Network Workstation Administration


Senior Capstone

Senior Placement (Often starts with Tech Foundry)

If you are interested in learning more information about this program, or interested in applying click HERE and fill out the Google Form.

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Picture of how program breaks down over 4 years. Robot

Photos from Tech Foundry in Springfield

Photos from the Press

For more information about the IT Pathways program, contact Meshia Begin Internship & IT Pathway Coordinator at: