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Central Student Registration

If you are visiting this page to register your kindergarten child please visit our Kindergarten Page

How to update your student/family address: Change of Address Form (see below)

How to Withdraw your student (see below)

How to Register Your Student:  Call (413) 587-1328 for information

Parents will need to fill out a packet of forms and provide the required documents.  Registrations can be completed in person (preferable) OR via email if you are able to scan and provide all the documents via email.  Registrations are completed in the Central Registration Office NOT at the school.

Northampton Public Schools, Jennifer Towler (Municipal Building)

212 Main Street, Room 200 (2nd Floor)

Northampton, MA 01060 

Phone:  (413) 587-1328  FAX: (413) 587-1318

  2. HOW TO COMPLETE THE FORMS: Open the attached file then enter your and your student’s information. When complete, “Save As” (Not Save) and rename the document to your child’s name (or print to pdf and rename). The source file is protected so it stays blank.   If you prefer to fill it out by hand, you can print it first. Forms seem not to be MAC compatible.
  3. HOW TO PROCESS DOCUMENTS:  Scan documents, or download as pdf’s (‘print to pdf’). Examples: for health records, utility bill etc.
  4. TO SCAN USING SMARTPHONE: Use a Smartphone’s Notes App: Create a ‘new note’, Tap the camera icon, select ‘scan document’. Place the document on a flat, well lit surface and hold the camera directly above to automatically pick up the corners. Additional pages can be added, then ‘save as’ (child’s name) and email it to me directly from the app. Tap the three little dots in upper corner, ‘send a copy’, then pick ‘email’.


  1. Student’s Birth Certificate(certified document -not hospital record)
  2. Physical Exam Summary with immunizations from the last check-up (within the past 18 months)
  3. Photo ID of Parent(s)/Legal Guardians
  4. Proof of residency: 1st page of lease showing address and occupants, section 8 agreement, or deed/recent mortgage statement/property tax card (http://northampton.ias-clt.com/parcel.list.php)
  5. Proof of occupancy: recent utility bill for gas, heating oil, electric, home phone, cable, or trash. If your lease includes utilities, please provide your car registration or insurance, or the top portion of a bank or credit card statement showing your name/address.
  6. If applicable: Records: 504 Plans and/or Individual Education Plans (faxed to # on form or mailed) Scanned and emailed if available
  7. If applicable: any court documents such as parents’ custody agreement, legal guardianship, DCF Care, Legal name change, etc.


Additional Information about school assignment, age cutoffs and home schooling

  • Children who turn 5 years old on or before August 31 are eligible to start school.
  • We have a special page all about our Kindergarten program – please follow the link for additional information.
  • We also have integrated Preschool Programs with morning and afternoon sessions Monday-Thursday at Bridge Street and Leeds Elementary Schools for children ages 3-5. Please contact early childhood staff  413) 587-1471, earlychildhood@northampton-k12.us or visit our Preschool Page.
  • Children who will attend preschool in our Integrated Preschool Program will need to complete the Registration process.
  • Each child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of six.
  • Parents may elect to provide home instruction for their school-age child in lieu of school attendance. Related policies can be accessed from the link below right and applications and additional information is available by calling the Superintendent’s Office at 413-587-1315 – tharrity@northampton-k12.us.
  • All four of our elementary schools offer full-day kindergarten programs.
  • Special Education Drop-In Services “Services Only”: Any child eligible for an education plan, IEP, or 504 Plan who will receive drop-in services (speech, occupational, physical therapy etc) will also need to be registered. This includes students attending private school or who have been approved for home education should the parents opt to access the services being offered.

Registration Procedure

  • Determine which school your child will attend based on your home address – Student School Assignment Page
  • Download the Registration Forms (bottom of page)
  • Gather the required documentation (see list below)
  • Contact the Registrar via phone (preferable) or Email to discuss your incoming student and next steps (Jennifer (413) 587-1328) or registrar@northampton-k12.us
  • A child may be enrolled by a parent, foster parent, caseworker, or court-appointed legal guardian
  • For families relocating to Northampton, enrollment is open and ongoing, there is no deadline to enroll your student
  • Students in Grades 6-8 will need to meet with their guidance counselors prior to starting school. Please visit the JFK Guidance Page for additional information.
  • Students in Grades 9 – 12 will need to meet with their counselor prior to starting school to select appropriate courses.  Once the Registration Packet is completed and returned to NHS, a counselor will be contacting the student and family to set up this meeting. Please visit the NHS Guidance Page for additional information.

Additional Information:

Food Service – find out about breakfast and lunch options for your student, Free & Reduced Meals Application, Menus, Lunch Accounts and more!

Bus Transportation– check eligibility, fees, applications and more!

NPS 2019-2020 District Calendar for all NPS Schools for the current school year. For next school year please use this link: NPS 2020-2021 District Calendar

Massachusettes School Health Form


Change of Addresses:

If you have moved within the school district, please contact your child’s school to report the new address and provide proof of residency. Please review the attached form for additional information. MA Public School attendance is based on where a student actually resides and only resident students are able to attend. If you have moved to another community, please contact the school about how to withdraw your student and request that records are sent to the new school.

Student Withdrawals:

If you have moved or will be transferring your child to another public, private or charter school, please contact the Main Office at your child’s school to withdraw your child:

Busing Information and Timeline

  1. Parents of eligible students can fill out the annual bus form at the time of enrollment (all students in the same household on one form)
  2. Students who live over 2 miles from school and are in Grades K-6 receiving busing at no cost per state regulation (form still required)
  3. Students who live 1.5-1.99 miles can opt to pay for busing: Annual Fee: $230/elem and $309/middle or high school – trimester payments are also available and there is a fee waiver available for students who qualify for Federal Free Meals Program.
  4. The Summer time Application Deadline is August 2 (new students enrolled after this date should still apply)