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Please use this page as a launching point for resources that are designed to help you.


Link to NASE Website: HERE

Link to the updated contract: HERE (Has not been released for 2023-26)

image of login for Frontline


The login for Professional Growth AND Absence Management is the same username and password.

Absence Management:

You want to login before 7AM to record your absence if you are sick otherwise you will likely need to call your building directly to enter a sick day.

To watch a video on how to do this: CLICK HERE.

Professional Growth:

This is where your professional growth is recorded. There are a series of forms where you set goals for yourself throughout the year and where your administrator will record observations and walkthroughs of your performance.

To watch a video on how to do this: CLICK HERE. You can also check out additional resources by going to the Tech Resource pages HERE.

Standards Northampton is Prioritizing:

Standard I.A.3→ Curriculum, Planning & Assessment

  1. Curriculum & Planning Indicator 3: Well Structured Units & Lessons

Standard I.B.1→ Curriculum, Planning & Assessment

  1. Assessment Indicator, 1–Variety of Assessment Methods

Standard I.C.2→ Curriculum, Planning & Assessment

  1. Analysis Indicator 2–Sharing Conclusions with Colleagues

Standard II.A.3→ Teaching All Students

  1. Instruction Indicator, 3– Meeting Diverse Needs

Standard III.A.1→ Family & Community Engagement

  1. Engagement Indicator, 1–Family Engagement

Standard III.C.1→ Family & Community Engagement

  1.       Communication Indicator, 1–Culturally Proficient Communication

Standard IV.B.1→ IV Professional Culture

  1. Professional Growth Indicator, 1– PRofessional Learning and Growth

The curriculum for each of the levels of NPS can be seen by following the links below:

Elementary (under construction)

Middle (under construction)

Secondary (under construction)

The website teachers can use to log in to see the curriculum and gather materials is Atlas. That can be accessed HERE.

To learn about the transfer goals we want all students to learn by the time they exit Northampton Public Schools click HERE.

Professional Development

A draft of the 2022 Convocation Schedule is HERE! (Be sure to be logged into your @northampton email to access it.) This schedule is subject to change. 

A link to the Professional Development Calendar 2022-23 year can be found by clicking HERE.