NPS District Curriculum

NPS District Curriculum

Welcome to the Northampton Public Schools Curriculum Website!

We are pleased to share our district curriculum for each grade level and subject area through our curriculum maps. A curriculum map is a tool for organizing expectations for what students should know and be able to do in each subject, each year. While we hope that you will regard these maps as valuable for understanding what our students are learning, they are outlines and do not capture the rich, multi-dimensional curricula we teach daily in our classrooms. To access these maps, you will need to visit our ATLAS page HERE.


Should you have questions re: the grade level subject curriculum for your child’s/student’s learning, please be sure to contact the appropriate educator(s) who may assist you.

Questions re: K-5 Curriculum

  1. Child’s teacher 
  2. Grade level and subject area department chair (See list below)

Math/Science Chairs

Kindergarten: Jen Busone, M.Ed. (

First Grade: Elizabeth Monopoli, B.A. (

Second Grade: Rebecca Natale, M.Ed. (

Third Grade: Renee Bachman, M.Ed. (

Fourth Grade: Michelle Mokerzecki, M.Ed. (

Fifth Grade: Travis Yagodzinski, M.Ed. (

Math Interventionist: Beth Brady, M.Ed. (


ELA/Social Studies Chairs

Kindergarten: Andrea Egitto, M.Ed. (

First Grade: Diana Ramsden, M.Ed. (

Second Grade: Katharine Walmsley, M.Ed. (

Third Grade: Carol Ruyffelaert, B.A. (

Fourth Grade: Sara Simmons, M.Ed. (

Fifth Grade: Michele Andrews, M.Ed. (

Reading Interventionist: Marybeth O’Connor, M.Ed. (


Additional Chairs

Physical Education: Annette Bischoff, M.Ed. (

Visual Arts: Brenda Lilly, M.Ed. (

Technology: John Crescitelli, MET (

ELL: Lauren Barry, M.Ed. (

Performing Arts: Seroe Michaud, B.A. (


Questions re: 6-8 Curriculum

  1. Subject teacher
  2. Subject area department chair (See list below)

Middle School Department Chairs

English: Holly Graham, Ed.D. (

ELL: Lauren Barry, M.Ed. (

Guidance: Christa Chiarello, M.Ed. (

Math: Tim Levy, B.A. (

Performing Arts: Seroe Michaud, B.A. (

Reading: Diana Ajjan, M.Ed. (

Science: Kate Parrott, M.Ed. (

Social Studies: Tracy L. Dawson-Greene, M.Ed. (

SPED: Nichole M. Walden, CAGS (

Technology: John Crescitelli, MET (

Visual Art: Brenda Lilly, M.Ed. (

World Language: Allyson Spencer-Bunch, MAT (


Questions re: 9-12 Curriculum

  1. Course teacher
  2. Subject area department chair (See list below)

High School Department Chairs

Arts: Lisa Leary, MFA (

English: Sue Crago, M.Ed. (

ELL: Lauren Barry, M.Ed. (

Math: Rachel Stavely Hale, M.Ed. (

School Counseling: Karen Hidalgo, M.Ed., CAGS (

Science: Dan Moylan, M.Ed. (

Social Studies: Kate Todhunter, M.Ed. (

SPED: Maryellen Ryan, M.Ed. (

Technology: Jeromie Whalen, M.Ed. (

World Language: Sandra Kielbasa, M.Ed.(


For general questions related to grades K-5 math instruction, please contact Math Coach, Jim Hanson, M. Ed. ( 

For general questions related to grades K-5 reading/writing instruction, please contact Literacy Coach, Andrew Samuelson, M. Ed. (


For general questions related to instruction, please contact the school principal.

Bridge Street School Principal: Beth Choquette, M.Ed. (

Jackson Street School Principal: Gwen Agna, M.Ed. (

Leeds Elementary Principal: Chris Wenz, M.Ed. (

JFK Middle School Principal: Lesley Wilson, M.Ed. (

Northampton High School Principal: Lori Vaillancourt, M.Ed. (

RK Finn Ryan Road Elementary Principal: Sarah Madden, M.Ed. (


For general questions about the process, alignment, and implementation of curriculum district-wide, please contact the curriculum director.

Director of Curriculum: Nancy A. Cheevers, Ed. D. (