K-12 Transfer Goals

Unit Transfer Goals

Transfer goals are those goals developed with college and career in mind. They are what we want students to be able to do independently when they confront new challenges, both in and outside school, beyond the current lessons and the unit. Each unit includes one or more transfer goals. These transfer goals are explicitly taught or taught towards (for our younger students) in this unit. These Transfer Goals are unique to the Northampton Public Schools.

Children solving math problemsTransfer Goal #1: Solve Problems

Make sense of novel, messy problems (problems that lend themselves to a variety of approaches, representations and solutions) and persevere in solving them, using appropriate mathematical tools and the degree of precision appropriate for the problem.

Transfer Goal #2: Develop and Use Organizational and Technical Tools

Develop and use a variety of tools (e.g. tables, graphs, charts, numbers, pictures, patterns, words, manipulatives, models, calculators, and graphing technologies) to analyze data, reason abstractly and quantitatively in order to make decisions, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

Transfer Goal #3: Work Collaboratively

Work with others to solve problems, taking risks when proposing new ideas, valuing and evaluating multiple approaches and perspectives, developing shared understandings, and promoting civic engagement.

Transfer Goal #4: Communicate Clearly

Express or evaluate appropriate mathematical reasoning by constructing viable arguments with supporting evidence and attending to precision when making mathematical statements for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Transfer Goal #5: Think Flexibly

Adapt thinking and strategies appropriately when encountering new evidence or situations.

Transfer Goal #6: Enjoy Math

Approach mathematics with a sense of curiosity, joy, adventure, playfulness, and empowerment. Appreciate the beauty, awesomeness, and ubiquity of mathematics.

Transfer Goal #1:  Create Informed Positions

Interpret historical knowledge to create informed understandings about current events.

Transfer Goal #2:  Analyze Sources

Critically analyze and evaluate reliability of primary and secondary documents, artifacts, and sources in order to develop and/or defend a claim using evidence from those sources.

Transfer Goal #3:  Recognize Patterns

Demonstrate an appreciation or awareness of historical and geographical patterns and changes over time to better understand the present and to prepare for the future.

Transfer Goal #4:  Apply Multiple Perspectives

Incorporate and develop an understanding of multiple perspectives that involve a variety of ideas, attitudes, and beliefs as they apply to current and historical issues.

Transfer Goal #6: Make Informed Decisions

Make personal and civic decisions individually or collaboratively in order to solve complex problems with respect to local, national, and global communities.

Transfer Goal #5:  Engage as a Global Citizen

Using a variety of digital tools and communication skills, apply knowledge of political, economic and social systems to solve complex problems and take informed action as a global citizen.

Transfer Goal #1: Engage

Engage in public discourse of scientific, engineering, and technical issues in the news or the community.

Transfer Goal #2: Analyze Data and Think Mathematically

Collect, analyze, and interpret data and apply appropriate mathematical concepts to evaluate the data, test solutions, or to make logical conclusions.

Transfer Goal #3: Develop Models

Develop, evaluate, and use models to communicate scientific phenomena.

Transfer Goal #4: Design

Engage in scientific and engineering practices to design solutions and construct explanations supported by multiple sources of evidence consistent with scientific ideas, principles, and theories.

Transfer Goal #5: Problem Solve

Individually and collaboratively define problems, develop questions, and design systemic solutions taking into account constraints or limitations that impact real-world situations.

Transfer Goal #6: Communicate

Communicate the results of scientific investigations in multiple formats, using scientific evidence to analyze observations, justify conclusions, and/or support the revision on an engineering or scientific design.

Transfer Goal #7: Make Informed Decisions

Utilize scientific knowledge to make informed personal, political, and civic decisions as they relate to and impact the natural environment and a diverse, global society.

Hello in other languagesTransfer Goal #1: Communicate Effectively

Communicate effectively in the target language, in varied, authentic communities.

Transfer Goal #2: Appreciate Culture

Understand and appreciate the cultures of target language communities.

Transfer Goal #3: Develop Informed Opinions

Apply prior knowledge, perspective, and critical analysis of media in target languages to form an educated opinion on a variety of contemporary topics.

Transfer Goal #4: Communicate a Global Perspective

Seek opportunities to collaborate globally, improve language skills and cultural understanding, and be civically engaged in an increasingly interconnected world.

Transfer Goal #5: Persevere

Welcome the personal challenges and risks inherent in the process of language acquisition.

High school bandTransfer Goal #1: Create and Perform

Formulate ideas and create and/or perform music as an individual or in groups.

Transfer Goal #2:  Respond and Empathize

Critically interpret, evaluate, empathize, and respectfully respond to the musical expression of self and others through global understanding of cultures and historical periods.

Transfer Goal #3:  Connect

Respectfully and collaboratively connect and communicate ideas, perspectives and experiences through local and global music.

Transfer Goal #4: Persevere

Apply discipline and perseverance towards developing musical foundations to accomplish future goals.

Transfer Goal #5:  Problem Solve

Apply critical thinking, evaluative listening, and appropriate practical techniques to the creation and consumption of music.

Transfer Goal #6: Enjoy

Find joy, inspiration, peace, intellectual stimulation, meaning and other life-enhancing qualities through participation and active citizen engagement through the arts (music).


Transfer Goal #1: Problem Solve and Take Risks

Develop and nurture imagination and a personal creative process that includes taking risks to maintain flexible thinking and work practices.

Transfer Goal #2: Create, Present, and Produce

Formulate ideas and create, present, or produce works as an individual or collaboratively using a variety of media (painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, and collage or mixed media) and appropriate technology.

Transfer Goal #3:  Respond and Empathize

Describe, analyze, interpret, critically evaluate, and respectfully respond to art created by self and other artists with global understanding.

Transfer Goal #4:  Connect

Engage as skilled and empowered observers to relate and connect artistic ideas and works in real world.

Transfer Goal #5: Persevere

Apply discipline and perseverance towards developing artistic foundations to accomplish future goals through problem solving collaboratively or as individuals.

Transfer Goal #6: Enjoy

Find joy, inspiration, peace, intellectual stimulation, meaning and other life-enhancing qualities through participation and active citizen engagement in the arts.

Transfer Goal 1: Participate in Lifelong Physical Fitness

Design, modify and maintain physical activity that is personally appropriate and overcomes perceived personal limitations.

Transfer Goal 2: Make Balanced Choices

Take personal responsibility for making healthy choices which are physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually balanced for a lifetime of well-being.

Transfer Goal 3:  Develop Healthy Relationships

Develop and sustain healthy interpersonal relationships within the family and in the community. Recognize and respect the value of individual differences.

Transfer Goal 4: Lead Our Communities

Exhibit the ability to lead as a trusted, respectful, empathetic, and responsible role model, while individually and collaboratively contributing to one’s local, national, and global communities.

Transfer Goal 5: Make Informed Decisions as an Engaged Citizen

Critically evaluate health information/services in digital and multimedia formats, and act on accurate information to improve personal and community health.

Transfer Goal #1:  Empower Themselves and Others

Takes an active role in choosing, navigating, and demonstrating competency using technology to achieve goals.

Transfer Goal #2:  Design Innovatively

Uses a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful and/or imaginative solutions.

Transfer Goal #3:  Communicate and Create

Communicates clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes and audiences using the tools, formats, and digital media appropriate to specific goals.

Transfer Goal #4:  Construct Knowledge

Makes meaning for themselves and others by critically selecting resources through the use of digital tools.

Transfer Goal #5:  Participate as a Digital Citizen

Recognizes the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning, empathizing, and working in an interconnected digital world and act in ways that are safe, legal, ethical and self-aware.

Transfer Goal #6:  Think Computationally

Identifies authentic problems, works with data, and employs computational thinking to propose and automate solutions.

Transfer Goal #7:  Collaborate Globally

Uses digital tools to broaden their perspectives, increase empathy and understanding, and work collaboratively in local and global teams.


Transfer Goal #1:  Read Effectively

Read and comprehend a range of complex texts and media created for various audiences and purposes, including for enjoyment and for deeper understanding of a subject.

Transfer Goal #2:  Analyze Texts Closely

Connect the power of words and images to the perspectives of others in order to construct an understanding of global cultures, historical periods, and themselves.

Transfer Goal #3:  Think Critically

Think critically by asking meaningful questions, identifying and accessing appropriate resources, and seeking answers through analysis of evidence found in print and multimedia texts.

Transfer Goal #4:  Develop and Express a Point of View

Listen to the ideas of others, develop an informed point of view based on cogent reasoning and solid evidence, and express ideas effectively in writing and in oral presentations to suit diverse audiences and a variety of purposes.

Transfer Goal #5:  Write for Various Purposes

Write texts for various audiences and purposes (including text-based responses):  to explain, inform, entertain, persuade, help perform a task, and/or civically engage in challenging the status quo.

Transfer Goal #6:  Understand and Apply Language Concepts

Apply knowledge of language to understand how language functions in different contexts and make effective choices for meaning or style.

Transfer Goal #7: Utilize Technology

Apply concepts of digital and media literacy to effectively communicate in a global society.