Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

First Annual JFK Family/Student/Staff BINGO NIGHT

Thursday, November 21
5:30 – 7:00 pm
JFK Cafeteria

Bingo is FREE of charge!

There will be pizza, cookies, and drinks available for purchase.
Students can use cash or BLUE TICKETS!

LOTS of fun Prizes!

Come join the FUN!

Northampton High School’s Romeo & Juliet gets a new look

NHS Theater takes on the eternal questions plaguing teenagers in a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tale of young love and ancient rivalry: when is a child not a child? How do we step into adulthood? What’s too soon? What’s too late? What’s too dangerous? What’s too… beautiful?

Director Stephen Eldredge and a cast and crew of 30 NHS students have spent the past five months re-imagining the world of the play to suit the generation of Juliets, Tybalt’s, Mercutio’s and Romeos taking the stage in today’s “Globe-al” theater. While the text of the play is unaltered, the visual world is a hash of old and new: classic stone arches vie for attention with skateboards and swing sets; the graffiti-inspired artwork of Banksy compliments the exposed brick back wall of the NHS auditorium stage. Diana Paradise and Fletcher Soto’s costume designs are neo-grunge inspired, while young duelers fight with any object that comes to hand: shopping carts, plumbing parts, and barbed wire necklaces all find their place in this vibrant urban landscape. The actors have made their own decisions about the gender identities and preferences of the characters they play, giving us a new twist on classic romance and immersing us in a world that, in Shakespeare’s words, “hold(s)… the mirror up to nature… show(s) virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure”. Paul Kinsman’s music composition students have composed an original score to accompany the action; there will never be another Romeo & Juliet like this one – see it before it’s too late!