Take it Outside… Even In The Snow

Take it Outside… Even In The Snow

Keep it Outside!

The Hitchcock Center, funded by a grant from the NEF, has been working with Kindergarten through 3rd-grade classrooms across all the elementary schools. Each grade is studying a different animal topic across three sessions, one in Fall, Winter, and Spring. Katie Koerten has made sure that the title of the grant, Take it Outside, has stayed true even with the snow and cold.

Ms. Lombardini’s 2nd grade class at Bridge Street went outside to learn about beavers and enjoy some running around. Kids compared their own teeth to beaver teeth, which are orange in the front due to their high iron content. The class also played beaver running games and built beaver dams and lodges out of snow.

Ms. Dwyer’s 3rd graders went outside to learn about foxes. They read¬†Red Fox Running by Eve Bunting, ran around, and learned about how foxes hunt for their prey.

  • Kids kneeling and standing in the snow building beaver dams
  • Student studying their own teeth in the mirror
  • Top down view of a kid looking at their own teeth in a mirror
  • Reflected image of a kid's teeth in a mirror
  • kids in a semi-circle looking a book about foxes held up by the teacher
  • Student outside under a structure with snow around