Transition Local Agencies



Pathlight is a 501(c)3 non-profit Massachusetts corporation with offices in Pittsfield, Springfield, Greenfield, Easthampton, and Hadley. It was founded in 1952 by five mothers of children with developmental disabilities. The majority of Pathlight’s revenue comes through state agencies, including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and the Massachusetts Department of Medical Assistance.



Milestones offers programs for adults with disabilities in transition to a meaningful and engaged life in the community and to keep them active and learning after they’ve left school.


Support Services:

  • Weekly evening classes that focus on recreation, social events, movement, performing arts, self-advocacy and more.
  • Classes are designed to teach teens and young adults the building blocks of becoming an independent adult, including social skills, friendship, boundaries, safety, dating, sexuality, and so much more.
  • Special events, including movie nights, dances and cafe nights, give students a chance to practice their social skills and build bonds with others in the programs and in the community.


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Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment is a Family Support Center for Hampshire and Franklin Counties and is funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Pathlight, and grants. If you have a loved one of any age with a disability, Family Empowerment can help with finding state and local resources to develop a unique plan of action to meet your family’s needs.


Support Services:

  • Assistance with locating information on resources and services both at the local level as well as resources within the state and beyond.  
  • Provide guidance in dealing with the different service systems you could encounter across the lifespan (for example, health insurance for medical related needs, financial assistance for disability specific or basic living needs, services specific to a certain issue, services for children, services for adults) 
  • Help you locate community services to benefit your family member (groups for them to join, for you to join, activities for enjoyment and how you can create a successful experience).
  • Workshops and webinars on topics across the lifespan of people with disabilities (such as understanding educational rights, IEPs, SSI, MassHealth, Autism Law, planning for the future with trusts and ABLE accounts, protections like guardianship and other options, and transition)


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