Remote Digital Learning Tools: Ryan Road

Digital Resources By Grade

working on techClick on the grade level below that your child attends. This will “unfold” to list the teachers and the ways they use to engage with students. For some, there may be an active link that when you click on it, it brings you to a website. For others, you may have to ask the teacher for the join-code, or the teacher has likely already added you into that platform–for example, Google Classroom, or Class DoJo. If you see “Clever Portal” listed, students have a link from within their account that brings them to their Clever portal.

A link to the Remote Learning Plan Resources can be found HERE.

Another website with great resources for the district is our NPS Digital Tools page HERE.

How to sign your student into CLEVER HERE.

Google Classroom: Guardians can not join a Google Classroom in the same way their students can. 

The only thing that Google Classroom has for guardians is the “Guardian Email Summary.” Guardians can choose to receive daily or weekly emails that will show assignments that are due and assignments that are past due. (We can not choose the frequency for them.) Guardians can learn how to manage their email summaries here. If they want to see what their student sees, they will need to use their student login information.

NPS Elementary How To Resource:  If you need How To Tutorials for any of the Elementary programs we use, you will find them, HERE.

Student specials will follow a color schedule as seen below:

Sept schedule for specials

Ms. Egitto: Kindergarten Website     *    Clever Portal

Ms Smiarowski: Kindergarten Website   *    Clever Portal

Ms. Walden

Ms. Pelis: Class Dojo      *      Clever Portal

Ms. Ramsden:   Class Dojo      *      Clever Portal

Ms. Stenuis

Ms. Natale:  2nd Grade Website   *   Clever Portal

Ms. Pefaur: 2nd Grade Website   *   Clever Portal

Ms. Parker/Ms. Goldsmith: 2nd Grade Website   *   Clever Portal

Ms. Cleary:  3rd Grade Website   *   Google Classroom   *   Clever Portal

Ms. Duffy 3rd Grade Website    *   Clever Portal

Mr. Tollefson

Ms. SimmonsGoogle Classroom   *   Room 6 Website   *    Clever Portal

Ms. LeBeau: Google Classroom   *   Room 6 Website   *    Clever Portal

Ms. Desmond: Google Classroom   *  Clever Portal

Mr. Y Classroom Website     *    Google Classroom     *     Clever Portal

Mr. K: Classroom Website  *    Google Classroom     *     Clever Portal

Ms. LyonsGoogle Classroom   *     Clever Portal

PE – Ms. Minton: Elementary PE Website    *    Google Classroom   *   Clever Portal

Art – Ms. Macutkiewicz Zoom Ms. Macutkiewicz’s Blog    *    Clever Portal

Music – Ms O’Connell Music Website  * Clever Portal

SAC – Ms Brown SAC Website

Speech: Ms. Coleman

Ms. Bobb:

OT/PT -Ms Hougen & Ms Riel OT/PT Website

Ms. Riel

Title 1: Reading – Ms. O’Connor: K-2 Reading Support Website

Math – Ms. Brady: Whose Voice in Math Class Website

ELL- Ms. Ellis

Library: Ms. Carson