Principal Madden’s Weekly Message—Week of October 12, 2021

Principal Madden’s Weekly Message—Week of October 12, 2021

Fall Greetings to Caregivers!

I hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend! 

I am attaching the most recent School Calendar (updated on September 9), just in case you do not have it. Parent/Teacher Conferences (probably via Zoom) will take place during the last week of January (not in October as previously planned). 



This week’s photos show many hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year. A tradition here at school (and directly linked to our Responsive Classroom values) is to create hopes and dreams as we think about the year ahead. Also, there are some photos of some of our new books from the Diversity and Equity Book Project (more information below).

COVID Updates

I hope that everyone received the recent call from our Superintendent, Dr. Provost (October 8), letting you know about COVID updates. You should receive these notices in your email, but if you missed this letter, here it is.


Our weekly safety check testing is going well. We were doing it every Friday, but our day has been changed to Thursday, starting this upcoming week.

Please remember to keep your child home if they are ill. Here is a link with some guidelines to help you make the decision: 

Call (587-1557) or email our wonderful nurse, Karen Schiaffo, if you have any questions.

Playground Upgrades and Accessibility Update

We are still hoping to purchase a piece of accessible playground equipment. Information here. We have raised $14,000, and will seek some financial assistance from the Disability Commission (Mrs. Madden will be presenting in November).

Also, we are hoping to be granted some Community Preservation Act funds for other upgrades and accessibility additions to our playground. Would you like to help us with the CPA grant writing? If so, please contact Principal, Sarah Madden or PTO Treasurer, Tom Murphy.


Interestingly, last week, there was a blurb from the “A Look Back” section of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. This was 25 years ago. Certainly, time for upgrades.

 People building a playground at the Finn Ryan Road School are on high alert — even calling for police help —  after cement they poured last week was vandalized. Yesterday, more cement was poured for a wheelchair ramp that will lead to the center of the $36,000 playground to be erected this weekend.

Diversity and Equity Book Project

The Prevention Coalition recently funded a wonderful book project, The Diversity and Equity Focused Book Project, which brought many new books into our library and classrooms. In addition, they provided our teachers with a workshop at our most recent staff meeting. What a fabulous and generous project of educational support!

Important Upcoming Dates

October 12: Title 1 Annual Meeting for caregivers outside from 5:00-6:00

October 13: Kindergarten Open House for caregivers outside from 5:00-6:00

November 1: Photo retakes

November 2: No School—Election Day & Professional Development Day for staff

November 11: No School for Veterans Day

November 20: PTO at 6:30

November 24: Early Dismissal (11:30) for Thanksgiving (and no school on November 25 and no school on November 25 and 26)

Stay up to date with all of our school activities on our School Website’s Calendar!

I hope that all families and caregivers feel welcome, comfortable, and valued at our school. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am happy to meet with any of you after school hours (when I can allow you inside!) or can talk on the phone anytime. 


Sarah Madden, Principal