JSS News 12.15.17

JSS News 12.15.17

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Thanks much to Ms. Allessi, our Tiered Support Specialist and yoga teacher, for teaching us all to be mindful and regulated and calm.  She has added another resource to her work at JSS by the following website – check it out!!

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Included in the envelopes for grades 1-5 report cards that will be sent home with students next Thursday, Dec. 21, there will also be a “Right To Know” letter from me, accompanied by the MA. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Report Card. We will send copies home in backpacks for Kindergarten families since your report card does not go home until next month. Please check this out and if you have any questions, I am happy to (try to!) answer them!

Here is a link to the DESE Report Card. It will also be on the NPS website next month.

students remove donations of clothing from a a small tree in the front hall of Jackson Street school

 JSS News 12.15