JSS News 10.20.17

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It’s finally feeling like fall – ish – so here’s a reminder about how we determine whether we stay inside for recess or go outside. If it’s raining, we stay inside – and we hang the “I” (for inside) banner on the front of the school, outside the cafeteria. We also carefully watch the temperature – if it and/or the wind-chill are below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, we stay inside. In this “in-between” days, when it’s cold in the morning and then warms up throughout the day, students sometimes complain about having to stay outside before school.

If you can, please make sure they have a warm jacket, gloves, hat, etc. because they WILL be staying out. If you need assistance with any outer clothing or clothing in general please let me know. If and when we get snow, we ask that students wear boots and snow pants if they want to play on the playground – otherwise we ask them to play on the blacktop. Classroom teachers will have extra boots and snow pants for those who forget or don’t have – but we do not have enough for everyone. We are always looking for donations of boots and snow pants!