Jackson Street’s Jackson!

Jackson Street’s Jackson!

Jackson Street School’s Coming Canine

Jackson Street School is excited to welcome a service dog.  During Wednesday’s assembly the students, staff, faculty, and visiting families got their first introduction.  Ms. Agna has chosen the name Jackson for the dog, who will also live with Ms. Agna while not on duty.

Ms. Agna shared the following pictures and a quick video of Jackson during the assembly.  The gym was bursting with excited students and faculty and families. Reacting to the pictures one second-grader said, “I thought the dog was cute! I’m curious what it will be like to have a dog at school!”  Ms. Carlton’s first-grade class told her they were over the moon with one student summing up their feelings, “VERY EXCITED!!!”

When asked about the Jackson’s name Ms. Agna said, “The students suggested the name – almost unanimously! I hope the dog will become an important part of our JSS community – to bring joy, comfort and fun to our school! He is part of a litter born in Kentucky and being trained by Ultimate K-Nine in Indiana.”

The whole community is grateful for the support of the Jackson Street School PTO, the Superintendent, and all the other folks helping to make this possible.