Did you know?

Freshampton is Northampton Public School’s Nutrition Program. Formerly known as the Food Services Department.

Congratulations to the students at NPS who will benefit from the hard work of Freshampton’s grant writing team! Read more below about the grants awarded to our programs!

First Grant: 1 year state grant for $45,000 from DESE as part of their MA Fresh Program.

Second Grant: 2 year grant for $94,540 from @usdagov@farmtoschool program.

Building on our existing strengths in the school garden program, local procurement, and local community partnerships, we will be using this funding to start a program called Fresh Kids, where a Classroom Educator from School Sprouts will use project-based learning in EVERY elementary classroom four times a year, teaching students where their food comes from and how it is made, so that they can make informed food decisions that have a positive impact on their health, their school, and their community.

Elementary School Students: will take a field trip to a local farm.

Middle School Students: will have an opportunity to join a new After School Program called Club Food Fight, where they will learn all about our food system and ways they can improve upon it.

High School Students: will have the opportunity to take part in a land-based agriculture and food justice program.

Additionally, this funding will be used to directly improve our school meals by increasing access to local foods, increasing procurement from local and regional producers, and increasing awareness about the Freshampton Farm to School Program through a variety of events, communication strategies, and a Farm to School Summit!