Day of Play

Day of Play

Girl with elbow on table and hand on head puzzling through the game of Guess Who.

Jackson Street School was in the Daily Hampshire Gazette Thursday the 7th for joining in the Global Day of Play. Schools around the world threw out their regular schedules and made time for kids to practice deciding how to use their time. Over 500,000 kids all over the world joined in.

The Global Day of Play has three rules:

No Screens: Students are encouraged to bring toys, but electronic toys or any devices with screens should be avoided.

No Structure: Adults should not attempt to organize or structure student play in any way.

Stay Out of the Way: Adults should let students manage their own play and should not interfere except in situations where someone could get hurt or fired.

The idea is based on the work of Dr. Peter Gray who argues that kids don’t have enough unstructured time to play and that such time is critical to their development.