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Big Picture Planning

Dear Community Members,

You are invited to participate in a three-question survey to share your vision for our schools over the next five years.

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After the pandemic and the changing of leadership, Northampton Public Schools is creating a five-year strategic plan to guide and direct us into the future of schooling.  With the assistance of a 20-plus-member planning team representing key constituents, the district is prioritizing work to re-envision our schools.  This is “big picture” planning that will encompass today’s challenges and better prepare Northampton schools for the future.  We want to articulate a clear, cohesive set of actions to attain the vision and goals of the schools over the next five years.  Setting the context for the work, we are looking at the change process needed to move the district/school community to where we desire it to go.  It is the forward casting of vision from looking at the present to moving into the future.  Through this process, we will describe the district/school community in 2024, what we would like it to become in 2029, and the strategies we imagine will take us from the present (2024) to our envisioned future (2029).