Leeds Harvest Week

Leeds Harvest Week

October 17th-20th

Bring Healthy snacks for a Healthy Week!

Start thinking about a fall dish you can prepare for our Harvest Feast on Thursday!

Tuesday Oct. 17th– Flower Power Day-Wear your flower prints today or just dress in bright colors. Buy a carnation for $1.00 to support our Hurricane Relief Project. Carnations will be purchased in the morning and delivered in the afternoon before dismissal.


Wednesday Oct. 18th Green is Keen Day– Wear Green, Think Green and Eat Green. Save power by turning off lights during the day.  Reduce, reuse, recycle! Sing the 3 Rs song by Jack Johnson.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USo_vH1Jz7E


Thursday Oct. 19thDress like a Farmer today! Rain or shine! Dress in your gardening clothes and come join us for our Harvest Feast and Garden Work Day from 3:15-6:30 in the Leeds´ School Garden. We will be putting some of the gardens to bed for the winter by composting, repairing beds, weeding, and cutting back the butterfly garden. While working we will all feast together!

We will be serving garden fresh greens from our own Leeds’ Garden and hot local apple cider. Families please bring your favorite fall dishes made with fresh produce to share. (Salads, potatoes, squash, corn bread, pumpkin pie etc.)

There will be fall carnival games to play and all donations will go to the Hurricane Relief Project!  Tickets for the games will be on sale that afternoon for $.25 a ticket.

Friday Oct. 20th- “Bee Leeds” Day-Dress in yellow and black to show school spirit and honor our primary pollinators (the bees) that help our food grow! Study bees today!              

                              Thanks to the and LEEDS PTO for funding our Garden!