The Puppet Casters: Middle-Schoolers Learn Balinese ‘Wayang Kulit’ Shadow Puppetry

JFK Middle School eighth graders Lucy Bernhard, center, and Benjamin Gollis-Pedelaborde, right, perform their own shadow puppet play in the school’s community room after a workshop on the Balinese tradition of puppetry known as Wayang Kulit on Friday, September 8, 2017, in Florence. At left, providing accompaniment is Putu Rekayasa of Indonesia, who, along with Panji Wilimantara, conducted the workshop. —GAZETTE STAFF / KEVIN GUTTING – Buy this Image

Eighth-grade students at John F. Kennedy Middle School were behind the screen, giggling and maneuvering the arms and bodies of the paper puppets they had just created as part of an all-day workshop on learning Balinese shadow puppetry on Friday.

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