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Immunization Requirements for School Entry

Massachusetts law (Chapter 76, Section 15) states that no child will be admitted to school unless they show proof that all the vaccines required by the Department of Public Health have been received. The Northampton Public Schools will exclude any child from school entry until the school nurse receives this written proof. If parents/guardians need help in this area they are encouraged to contact the school nurse.

There are only two exclusions to this regulation that are allowed in Massachusetts.

  • A physician must document in writing that due to a medical contraindication (this must be specified) the vaccine was not given.
  • Parents/guardians may also request in writing that due to their sincerely held religious beliefs a vaccine was not given.

There will be some significant changes to the guidelines for entry and these will continue to be phased in over the next several years.  Please refer to the guidelines document below and call your school nurse with any questions.