Ryan Road Marker Recycling Project

Ryan Road Marker Recycling Project


As part of the “Change the World” opinion writing unit, the third grade classes from RK Finn Ryan Road Elementary will be collecting markers for recycling through the Crayola ColorCycle program until June 14th. 

Literacy Coach, Andrew Samuelson, met with WWLP Mass Appeal co-hosts,  Lauren Zenzie and Danny New, to challenge the third graders from Ryan Road Elementary to play a role in protecting the environment.  The children have answered the challenge by joining schools across the United States and Canada, in collecting used and unwanted markers for a unique recycling program, called ColorCycle. 

ColorCycle is a sustainability initiative designed to repurpose Crayola markers.  Crayola ColorCycle accepts all brands of plastic markers, including highlighters and dry erase markers!  By recycling these items, our community will keep these markers from going into landfills. Instead, the markers from our school will be sent to a conversion facility in New York State to be transformed into diesel fuel.

Ms. Berry and Ms. Cleary’s classes have created a video to promote the school wide initiative.  Ryan Road Elementary students are encouraged to bring unwanted markers from home to add to the classroom collection boxes.  

So, don’t throw out that used marker!  Join Ryan Road Elementary and ColorCycle it!