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*Also please file support tickets at:

Shout Out

This week’s Tech Shout Out goes out to Brenda Lilly & Leslie Macutkiewicz

Photo of teacher

They have joined forces to create fun virtual art shows since we will not be able to attend in person this year. Here are some great examples.

art collage from elementary students
Programs We Subscribe to:
  • Screencastify (all levels)
  • WeVideo (3-8 students, any teachers)
  • EdPuzzle (6-12 teachers)
  • SoundTrap (1 Teacher Pro account; 100 students)
  • Padlet–TBD (likely 6-12)
  • Flocabulary (1 account)
  • Google Read & Write (all levels)

Tech Resources

If you prefer searching in a spreadsheet, then THIS will list all the resources.

Tech PD Week

SPANISH tutorials HERE

Teacher Tech Support FlowChart

Teacher/Staff Needs a Chromebook/wifi Teacher/Staff fills out a request by filing a support ticket. Teacher picks one up at James House (42 Gothic) based on the repair hours (Thurs. 10:30-12) For hotspot fill out the student hotspot form HERE.
Teacher wants to use a website that requires a login Teacher looks up if Northampton allows this website by going to the district website: Tech: Approved Sites

If yes, then use it.

If no, then the teacher looks to see if it’s approved on the Massachusetts Data Privacy Alliance page. “Search the Database”: Search by Resource. If yes, email Molly & it will take about 24 hours to get an agreement. If no, email Molly and it may take multiple weeks to get an approval but it cannot be used until notified.
Teacher has a website that students claim is blocked. Teacher can verify this by logging into the fake student account: mollytest2@stu… and see if it’s age-restricted (black screen from youtube) or Stop Sign = Sophos) If it is youtube, it could be blocked because of youtube’s age restrictions –download the video to your Google Drive and share it. If you’re not able to do this, contact your Tech Integrator. (Ex: or this tutorial. Email Molly or Jim Bates with the URL to the video or website and s/he will put it in Securly as safe. If it’s a stop sign – Jim/Eric.
Teacher has a question about how to do something Teacher looks at the zoom office hours posted on the school webpage for integrators & attends one.

Or, utilizes the resources on the Tech Resources page.

Or teacher attends a workshop on a topic.

Teacher emails the tech integrator from school.

If still unanswered,

emails Molly.

Teacher wants to add a new app/ extension and it says it’s disabled. Contact Molly with the name of the app/extension.
Teacher has a student teacher who needs a login. Contact Molly to create one.


Student Tech Support FlowChart

Student Needs a Chromebook OR a charger. Fill out THIS Google Form Student picks up chromebook from James House (42 Gothic St) after scheduling a time at the end of the survey.
Student Needs Wifi Access Encourage to sign up with companies in the area that are offering programs. Fill out THIS Google Form for a hot spot. Kelley Knight or Nelly will deliver if/when one becomes available or student picks up at James House (42 Gothic St)
Student Needs an iPad App Student sends the teacher the request and includes the serial number of their ipad. (This can be found by going to Settings: General: About) Teacher emails Molly the request and includes the serial number of the ipad. If it’s free, Molly will push the app out that day/24 hours and will email. If it is paid, it requires a whole bunch of steps.
Student’s Chromebook isn’t Working/ Needs Repair Student fills out the repair form HERE. Building personnelle can confirm status of protection plan. Payment can be made to the building or online for non-protection plan repairs. Schedule an appointment at the end of the form for picking up a replacement device. Student will drop off at 42 Gothic & will receive a loaner & be updated upon repair of the original machine.
Student can’t remember their email password Email the tech integration specialist in your building. He/she will reset the password and will “chat it” back to the teacher or Google Voice call the student.
Student can’t log into Clever Review the helpful information on the district website.
Student can’t launch Zoom Watch the videos on the district website: Tech: Resources

Example 1: Using the Extension

Example 2: Going from the link

Student says a website is blocked. Ask the student to take a screenshot of the block message or describe it in detail. For ex. “It looks like a stop sign with a hand held up.” If it’s a hand & stop sign: Email Jim or Eric the website. If it’s something with the word Securly: Email Molly with the website.

Student’s having trouble with getting onto Zoom? 

  1. Go to, click sign in, say “Sign in with Google”, make a practice meeting and then start it. It will ask you to download zoom then will tell you it’s disabled by admin. Wait three minutes and you’ll notice it goes through and you’ll see the zoom icon at the top in your extensions. You can also close that window that says disabled by admin and say Launch in Browser. Or, watch these two examples from a student’s experience (credit to Marco):

Example 1: Using the Extension    *    Example 2: Going from the link

Paper Guides:

Zoom Set-up      Google Meets

Zoom: Pre-Assign Student to Breakout Rooms      *      Playing Video Over Zoom

*     Create Recurring Meetings in Zoom    *    Zoom: Video Isn’t Working- Steps to Try   *   Allow Mic for Google Meet

Video Resources:

How to set up a Zoom *  How to set up a Zoom (Teacher & Student view)#2  *  How to Zoom * The Zoom Help Site

Google Meet Breakout Rooms Alternative

How to make a video from your chromebook   *  How to use Screencastify  *  Have Students Log In to Zoom App

* Play Video Over Zoom   *   Zoom: Allow Participants to Share Screen

Slide Presentations: NHS/JFK   *  Elementary Schools


Practice Test Site:    *  REAL Testing Site:

Paper Documents:

Test Day Instructions  *  Resuming a student test (w Error)  *  How to Print Student Tickets  *  Printing SPECIFIC student tickets  *  Finding a specific session  *

Using Text to Speech  *  Using the practice site as a Facilitator  *  Students needing more time/long breaks  *  Steps for Resuming Multiple Students  *

Video Documents:

Starting your Session  *

Interactive Steps: (click start on the right when you click into the document to walk through the steps)

Resuming a student Test  *  Printing Student Tickets  *  Printing SPECIFIC student tickets  *  Finding a Test Session  *  Steps for Resuming Multiple Students  *  How to start a session & Unlock

People who can help with this: Molly McLoughlin, Rocky Mariani-Prall, Kate Jopson, John Crescitelli, David Cantler

image of login screen

Website: or 

Paper Steps:

Knowing the difference between URL & File   *


Uploading Evidence   *  Make an Email a .pdf   *   Uploading a Google Video


New Teacher Orientation on how to upload evidence: HERE

People Who Can Support You: Tech Integration Specialists, Molly McLoughlin, Nancy Cheevers

Paper Resources:

Using Google Hangouts  *


Using Google Hangouts  *

Paper resources:

Create a Google Form


Create a Google Form


Using Certify’em  *



The Essence of Google Drive  *  PDF to Google Doc


PDF to Google Doc  *

Paper Resources:

PDF to Google Doc  *

Staff that have earned their badges and can help you: Kathy Schmidt (JFK), Kate Jopson (NHS), Sharon Martel (JFK), Gilana Chelimsky (JFK), Dinah Mack (JFK), Erica Caron (JFK), Jessica LaVallee (NHS), Nick Ames (JSS), Ellen Sawicki (JFK), John Crescitelli (JFK), Pam Plumer (District), John Provost (District) and a ton of ESPs!


image of google doc



Essence of Google Docs

Staff who have badges in this area: Erica Caron (JFK), Kate Jopson (NHS), Marianne Lockwood (NHS), Nick Ames (JSS), Dinah Mack (JFK), Karrisa Fabin (NHS) and almost every ESP in buildings have passed this badge 🙂

Slides icon


*Check out slides carnival too to make more creative templates.


Sharing outside of domain  *  Send a Slides Presentation in Present Mode  *



How to Add Images  *  Essences of Slides  *  Adding Videos to Slides  *


Sharing outside of domain  *

People who have earned badges and can help: Karen Witkos (JFK), Kate Jopson (NHS), Kathy Schmidt (JFK), Erica Caron (JFK), Gilana Chelimsky (JFK), Molly McLoughlin (District), Rocky Mariani-Prall (Leeds/RFK), David Cantler (JSS/BSS), John Crescitelli (JFK)

little green dojo monsterVideos:

Download Video  *

Paper Resources:

How to Sign up  *  Share a link  *  Message a family  *



How to Sign up  *  Share a link  *  Message a family  *




Paper Resources: 

Change Level  *  Change Language  *  Change Program Level

Interactive Resources:

Change Program Level

Paper Resources:

Student sign up  *


Student sign up  *