Chromebook Program

Chromebook Program

Chromebooks at Northampton Public Schools

In the Northampton Public School district, students are exposed to a range of technology from robotics, raspberry pies, ipads, Macintosh desktops and Windows machines. That said, students also have access to chromebooks. While many of the elementary schools use chromebooks on carts distributed throughout the school, there are enough in each building that grades 3, 4, and 5 can have access to a device per student. Often in the elementary schools the grades share a cart of 25-30 that they check out and use when engaging in learning opportunities where technology is needed and enhance the instruction. For example, students used chromebooks to program Lego robotics while learning about erosion. In the middle school, students in grade 6 are assigned a chromebook that they pick up at the beginning of the day and return by the end of the day to their homeroom. Students in grades 7 and 8 however, have the opportunity to bring their self-assigned chromebook to and from school. This same model is applied at the high school where students have a self-assigned chromebook to bring with them to class and home as needed to complete work.

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JFK Chromebook Program   |   NHS Chromebook Program  | Elementary Guidebook.   |

Single sheet for Elementary Protection Plan   |  SPANISH single sheet: Acuerdo del Manual del Programa Chromebook

Single sheet for NHS/JFK Protection Plan  |  SPANISH single sheet JFK/NHS: Acuerdo del Manual del Programa Chromebook

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